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Why Choose Us?

eXperienceTrident’s management has extensive experience in the business of collections and servicing of consumer debt. Our principals have had over 100 years of broad based consumer credit experience in credit, collections and risk management at some of the largest banks and servicing companies.

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Our Services
Agency and Attorney Network
Trident is expanding its existing network of collection agencies and and attorneys. We manage a nationwide network through leading-edge technology and the expertise needed to achieve results. We strive to surpass the growing and complex needs of our clients through the professional services provided by our Agency and Attorney Network. We have a variety of business opportunities in the healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, purchased consumer debt as well as other niche markets.
Trident has the ability to predict how likely a consumer is to pay an account through a proprietary account scoring model. Using this model, accounts are scored and scrubbed to predict account payment probability with a high degree of accuracy. Trident’s decision engine tool then uses the score to complete a segmentation of client accounts, which allows it to be more productive by increasing effort on consumers who are more likely to pay. Trident’s scoring, segmentation and workflow decision engine provides clients with a wealth of benefits, including the following: increased recoveries as a result of focus on the more liquid segments, reduced cycle time which allows us to return inventory to clients quicker than typical placement periods of 6 months to 1 year and reduced costs which are passed on to the client.
Receivables Management
Trident utilizes advanced technology and a breadth of industry knowledge to build function-rich solutions for the accounts receivables management business for the complete management of our clients’ account inventory. Our experience reaches across many industry verticals-from utility and healthcare companies and financial institutions, to debt buyers, financial institutions and third-party collection vendors. We help our clients navigate the complexities associated with today’s business essentials to gain a competitive advantage. One of the major differentiators and value added elements Trident brings to its client relationships is through our customizable offerings where we integrate analytics, business consulting, vendor management and insights into our servicing platform to meet client objectives. In addition we provide traditional inbound and outbound receivables management across all stages of the consumer life cycle and different industries on both a first and third party basis.